Werneth Youth Concert Band



The Youth Band was formed in autumn 2010 as a part of Werneth Concert Band. It aims to get young people involved in making music as part of a group. The conductor is Alan Cottrill and the administrator Jane Cottrill. Both hold full DBS (formerly CRB) checks from Stockport MBC. Alan has twenty-seven years experience working for Manchester Music Service organizing, teaching, taking bands and ensembles. Alan works at a school in Oldham and teaches woodwind and brass. Jane is a Primary School teacher and teaches both woodwind and brass. Both are long term members of Werneth Concert Band.

The band meets every Friday during term time at the band's premises at Unit 36 Chadkirk Business Park, Stockport SK6 3NE, from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.


The Youth Band has also had days and weekends away with two very succesful tours to Northumberland in 2014 and 2015.


BBC Ten Pieces

On Saturday 6th May 2017, musicians from the BBC Philharmonic visited the Werneth Youth Concert Band as part of the BBC Ten Pieces coaching scheme. Professional musicians from the BBC Philharmonic lead a 'playing day' and worked with the children to learn new repetoire, develop musical skills and helped to build friendships and confidence of our young players. The day involved both whole ensemble and sectional rehearsals with an informal concert for friends and family.






1.         Volunteers

Five regular volunteers will be required to undergo enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly CRB - Criminal Record Bureau) checks (under the WCB organisation) and these will be renewed every three years.

Jane Cottrill will keep a record of the necessary DBS information.

Occasional volunteer helpers do not need to have DBS checks but will not work alone with any of the children in the Band.

The following should always be considered regarding the welfare of children:

There should always be at least two adults with up-to-date DBS checks available whenever WYCB meets.  These adults will be responsible for monitoring the behaviours of other children and adults present during a WYCB meeting and, if necessary, act in an appropriate manner to ensure the young people are safe at all times.

Within the Allan Jones Performing Arts Centre (AJPAC), the whereabouts of the children will be known at all times.  Hence an adult should always be present in the Social Area to monitor the movements of any children who leave the Rehearsal Area and ensure no young person leaves the Unit without agreement.  Similarly a familiar adult should always be present in the Social Area if an adult not associated with WYCB is in the AJPAC at the same time as WYCB.

At the beginning and end of rehearsals the adult helpers of WYCB will not be responsible for any child leaving the Unit without being accompanied by a representative adult chosen by the child’s family.  New players will be informed of this situation.  If a family opts for their child to walk to and from the Unit without support from a representative this is a risk which will be explained to the young person’s family.

When WYCB meets away from the AJPAC the adults accompanying the youngsters will complete a visual risk assessment either before attending the area or immediately on arrival.  The need for any additional adults to support the activity of WYCB will be recognised and an activity will not occur if there is an inadequate level of adult supervision.

2.         First Aid

If a child becomes ill or requires attention whilst WYCB meets at least two adults will attend to that child’s needs.

First aid will be administered by one of the DBS staff and parents notified of any injury at the time or at the end of rehearsal, depending on the nature of the injury.  All injuries will be noted in the Accident Book which is kept in the Social area with the First Aid kit.

The DBS adults will ensure they take mobile phones to the AJPAC when they are attending a rehearsal or event.

3.         Parents

Parents are welcome to stay and listen to rehearsals.

A parent will not be asked to deal with any individual child unless it is their own.  If a child requires assistance a parent might be asked to support a DBS adult.

4.         Contact/membership forms

Band members’ parent/guardian will be required to fill in a contact form (including any relevant medical information eg. asthma, allergies) at the first rehearsal (if not present a form will be sent home).  These will be kept in a secure place by one of the DBS adults and will always be brought to rehearsals and concerts.

Under 18’s will not be named on the website, if sign in is necessary for the Senior Band then initials will be used.

5.         Register

A register will be kept at every rehearsal.

Any adults will be asked to sign in.


For any safeguarding concerns contact Jane Cottrill, Cathy Burgess or a committee member.


Document prepared September 2017

To be reviewed September 2019


Contact Us

If you have any queries about the Youth Band, please contact our administrator Jane Cottrill:
Email: youthbandsecretary@wernethconcertband.org.uk / Phone: 0161 430 2384