Support WCB

There are three fun ways in which you can support us...

100 Club   Cookbook   Fantasy Football

100 Club

We have a 100 Club which anyone is welcome to join. The cost is £1 per week and all the profits go straight into the band funds. It is a great money generator for in an easy and painless way! In the spirit of a community band, the money is normally saved to subside the costs of the foreign music tours.

It works like this...

Each member of the 100 club makes a weekly donation of £1 for each number they have in the monthly draw.  This is collected by means of a monthly Standing Order of £4.34.  Half of this is used for prizes and the other half goes into Band funds.

The monthly prize draw is:
1st Prize £60, 2nd Prize £30, 3rd Prize £22 and 4th Prize £16

The annual super prize draw (in December) is:
1st Prize £250, 2nd Prize £150, 3rd Prize £75, 4th Prize £40, 5th Prize £20, 6th Prize £10

So, the more members we have, the greater the prize fund!

Please contact us if you wish to join the 100 club.


The Werneth Concert Band cookbook features recipes from band members and friends. The cost is £3 and can be bought from the Secretary.


Fantasy Football

Ever wanted to manage your own football team and show the pros how it's done? Sign up for Fantasy Football at http://www.wernethconcertband.org.uk/fantasyfootball - there are prizes to be had and you'll be supporting WCB!

Many thanks to Terry and Jan Mitchell for running the league.


  • Registration normally takes place around August/September. The entry fees for the season are available on request. 
  • Half of the entry money goes straight to the band and half goes into the prize fund.
  • There are cash prizes for Manager Of The Month along with big prizes for first, second and third in the championship. There is usually also a cup competition with prizes for the champion and runner-up.
  • The league uses The Daily Mail's fantasy football system.