WCB Recordings

We've produced a selection of CDs which are available for sale - sample them here, and also listen to some other recordings made down the years.

A Werneth Celebration (2008)
Flourish (2003)
Werneth Concert Band (1991)
Other Recordings

A Werneth Celebration (2008)

A Werneth Celebration front cover

The band's most recent CD, "A Werneth Celebration" was released in December 2008, just a month after the recordings were completed. It commemorates the band's 25th anniversary and it's available from the Secretary for £10 - or grab a copy at one of our concerts. The sleeve notes are very nicely produced and contain a history of the band as well as pictures from the our 25 years up to that point. This album features more tracks than ever before, and also includes recordings by the then-newly-formed Werneth Swing Band.

Title Composer
Werneth Concert Band
A Werneth Celebration Darrol Barry Listen here
Folk Song Suite - 1st Mvt - Seventeen Come Sunday R. Vaughan Williams Listen here
Folk Song Suite - 2nd Mvt - Intermezzo (My Bonny Boy) R. Vaughan Williams Listen here
Folk Song Suite - 3rd Mvt - Songs From Somerset R. Vaughan Williams Listen here
Variations on Scarborough Fair Calvin Custer Listen here
Piano Concerto No.2 Opus 102
Soloist: Roger Pearce
D. Shostakovich
arr. Malcolm Cockerill.
Listen here
Convergence John Moss Listen here
When The Stars Began To Fall Trad. arr. Fred J. Allen Listen here
On The Wings Of Swallows Michael Sweeney Listen here
March of the Belgian Paratroopers P. Leemans
arr. Charles Wiley
Listen here
Werneth Suite for Concert Band - Skittish Scherzo Terence Greaves Listen here
Werneth Suite for Concert Band - Sad and Sentimental Waltz Terence Greaves Listen here
Werneth Suite for Concert Band - Rondo From Rio Terence Greaves Listen here
Waltz No. 2 from Jazz Suite D. Shostakovich
arr. J. de Meij
Listen here
Symphonic Soundtrack John Williams
arr. John Moss
Listen here
Werneth Swing Band
American Patrol F.W. Meacham
arr. Paul Lavender
Listen here
Soloists: Sian Fullaway (Trumpet),
Howard Wilde (Tenor Saxophone)
B. Carleton
arr. S. Nestico
Listen here
I've Got You Under My Skin Cole Porter
arr. Jerry Nowak
Listen here


Other Recordings

In 2012, 1st Clarinet player and sometime conductor Bill Watson recorded a selection of his own compositions, including Priestnall March, performed by none other than Werneth Concert Band. Click here to hear it in full.

Recordings of the band performing live can be found (with varying levels of sound and picture quality) on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2auqX9uTRnE&feature=related and on our facebook page.

Flourish (2003)

In March 2003 we recorded tracks for our CD 'Flourish' which was released in July 2003. This was our second professional recording, and may be obtained from the Secretary at a cost of £8.00. The tracks on this CD are:

Title Composer  
Flourish for Wind Band R. Vaughan Williams Listen here
Where Never Lark or Eagle Flew James Cumow Listen here
Pavane in Blue Ted Huggens Listen here
Regenesis (Song of the Planet) John Higgins Listen here
Shenandoah Frank Ticheli Listen here
Jamaican Folk Suite Harold L. Walters Listen here and here and here
Encanto Robert W. Smith Listen here
Spiritual Sounds Trad. arr. Alan Fernie Listen here and here
Spanish March 'Amparito Roca' Jaime Texidor Listen here
Gallimaufry Guy Woolfenden Listen here
Glory John Cacavas Listen here
Think Of Me
(with Coral de Veus Blanques Preludi)
Andrew Lloyd Webber Listen here



Werneth Concert Band (1991)

Our first professional recording - "Werneth Concert Band" - made in November 1991 at the BBC's Studio 7 in Manchester has been remastered onto CD and a few copies are still available for £6 - again please contact the Secretary. The tracks on this CD are:

Title Composer  
Bandology Eric Osterling Listen here
Invicta James Swearingen Listen here
Rondo for Rosie Ted Huggens Listen here
Sarabande and Polka Malcolm Arnold Listen here
Timpat Robert Leist Listen here
Frolic for Trombones Reginald Heath (arr. R Bashford) Listen here
Little English Suite Clare Grundman Listen here
Trumpeter's Lullaby Leroy Anderson (arr. P. Lang) Listen here
Elegy for Wind Band David Chapman Listen here
Mazama Jay Chattaway Listen here


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